Garson AC Linestones

Garson Luxury Crystal A/C Louver Linestone DIY KIT
Garson Luxury Crystal A/C Louver Linestone DIY KIT
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Product Description

Garson Luxury Crystal A/C Louver Linestones

1 Box of Line Stone per order.

The birth of a totally new luxury interior item. Cars have always had the same unchanging design for manufacturer A/C louvers. This gorgeous, revolutionary item heightens the sense of quality throughout your instrument panel. The D.A.D Emblem for Louvers, with Swarovski Elements, which continue to charm world celebrities with their dazzling glitter. A natural looking installation, even from the outside.

Because installation is done from the bottom, it can be done cleanly and without incongruity. By incorporating a newly developed flexible material, the stones can easily be installed on various shaped louvers, from rounded to squared. Simply cut to desired length with a normal pair of scissors or other simple tool. Installation is simple for anyone to do.

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